Climber bucket list 8000m peak in Himalayas

Manaslu is the eight highest mountain in the world standing 8,163m above the sea level. It is a prominent Himalaya located in the Mansiri Himal range and separated from the Annapurna range by the majestic Marsyangdi River. Manaslu is regarded as an exceptional expedition spot for mountain lovers and is the ultimate choice for experienced mountaineers as their first 8000m peak. 

The first summit of Manaslu was done on May 9, 1956, by Toshio Imanishi and Gyalzen Norbu, members of a Japanese expedition. It then attracted many mountaineers from around the world. 

The mountain standing at the height of 8000m and its perfect high altitude sets itself as an outstanding choice for mountaineer who wants to explore climbing 8000m range. Climbing Manaslu is rather technical and challenging than climbing Cho Oyu and Sishapangma. So each climber has to be physically and mental prepared. Furthermore, high level of climbing proficiency and high elevation adaptation capability is required. Manaslu is most crowded in autumn.

If you want to make it to the summit of Manaslu (8,163m) in Nepal, then join us – the 8000 Expeditions – in one of our small group expedition to climb Manaslu in autumn 2021 and 2022. Our climbing route follows relatively straightforward and less technical difficulties via the Northeast ridge because of its popular choice. 8000 expeditions, offers you a 40 days Manaslu expedition package with best cost-effective facilities and services. Also, In order to maximize our chances of summit success, we commit to run expedition in a group of only six climbers leaded by professional 8000 Expeditions guide (12 times Everest summitter) with an optimum Sherpa to client ratio of 1:2. 

On this expedition, we shall begin with 6/7 hours drive from Kathmandu to Sotikhila 815m, and then trekking till Mansalu base camp. The trek is accompanied by the rich biodiversity of the Manaslu Conservation Area. Along the trail we shall encounter an interesting mix of authentic Hindu and Tibetan-style Buddhist village.

Our base camp will be established 4,800m above the sea level with fully equipped services. We shall create a comfortable stay for you till the next three weeks. During the expedition period we provide you the best logistics, oxygen, support and delicious food.

Above Manslu Base Camp

From Manaslu base camp, climbers need to establish 4 camps before reaching the summit. During these three weeks we will be moving up and down in the mountain to get stronger and get acclimatized before the summit push. Also, our climbing Sherpa loads all group equipment including oxygen for your ease and set up camp on the mountains. The three weeks climb is really exhilarating and challenging at the same time.

Camp 1: Camp 1is located on the shoulder of Manaslu glacier at an altitude of 5,719m.Camp 1 and camp 2 is filled with the ice section, while ascending the section, we need to cross some crevasses along the route.

Camp 2:  Camp 2 is set up on top of the serac point at the altitude of 6,400m. The climb between camp 1 to and camp 2 is technical, meaning it is a straight forward ascend with 40-60 degree steep slope and long ice sections.

Camp 3: Camp 3 is situated on a moderate slope saddle below the col at an altitude of 6800m. The climb from camp 2 to camp 3 is a very short, which generally takes about 2-3 hrs. 

Camp 4: The climb between camps 3 to camp 4 is more challenging due to high altitude and ice and steep snow slopes. From the camp four we can see the manaslu true summit. Camp four is situated at the altitude of 7,450m.


The summit days starts at 2 am from camp 4. The climb from camps 4 to the summit is not technical but extremely straightforward.  If the physical strength of all team goes well, then the climber can reach the summit by 7 to 9 am. Most of the time, the group ends up in the false summit after 4 to 6 hrs of climbing but our experienced team shall lead the way and fix the rope to assist the team reach the true summit. The Manaslu true summit is very small which can accommodate only 2-3 climbers. Therefore, from camp four it takes 5-8 hours to reach the summit and 2-4 hours to descend till camp 4. Besides, we also use the chopper, if requested after the expedition to get back Kathmandu from the last village (Samagoan) near the base camp which shortens the total duration of the expedition.

Please contact us to discuss the itinerary and your preferred dates or your suitability.