Every traveller’s satisfaction depends on accommodation and service level during their wonderful holidays. Accommodations vary greatly by destination and type of holiday including hotel, local lodges, village tea houses, and remote camping. 8000 Expeditions team has selected best accommodation in our trip operates areas, which is we already used their service. We work closely with several accommodations providers in Nepal; therefore, we guarantee that we take you to the best accommodation where you feel comfortable and get delicious meals, suit rooms and amenities service so on.

Hotels accommodation: In Kathmandu, we provide 4-star category of hotel, you can expect an en-suite room as well as 24-hour hot shower and Wi-Fi facilities along with suit areas. Nepal offers a wide range of tourist accommodations across the country.

Lodge & tea house accommodation: On the most popular trekking routes in Nepal, approx. 90% of trekkers undertaking a tea house trek. Most of the Nepal trekking routes, locals have built good lodges expect relatively comfortable and good clean beds. However, we always select the best lodges & tea house accommodation with amenities such as good food, electricity, nice bedrooms with chimney heater in the dining hall for warmer in the evening and night time.

Tented accommodation: All of our expeditions and high trekking trips we use camping accommodation in most places. At the camping accommodation, we offer quality sleeping tents for a comfortable night’s sleep, including a kitchen tent, toilet tent, and a mattress and cooking utensils. Trekkers need to bring enough warmer sleeping bags when trekking in high and remote areas.

Besides, most hotels and lodges are pre-booked during the peak season from March to May and Sept to November. Therefore, we advise all clients book their so that we can also confirm accommodations.