Trip Gradation

8000 Expedition’s activity gradation


Easy trekking with the Himalayan standard is up to 3000m. There are plenty of ups and downs on well-maintained trails. Anyone who leaves a reasonably active life can enjoy this trip. Walking takes 3-5 hours per day.


It is a reasonably demanding trek at an altitude up to 4000m with side trips to higher elevations. Walking takes about 4-6 six hours per day.

Moderate plus:

This activity is fully supported. The altitude varies between 4000m to 5500. It involves several nights’ stays above 4000m. Trekkers should be fit and enthusiastic hill walkers prepared to tackle difficult terrain in the mountain region. Walking takes 5-7 hours per day.


This level of activity is extremely demanding. All the participants must be fit and able to carry their backpacks. The altitude varies above 5500. It includes glaciers and snow crossing as well as crossing snow-covered passes in every mountain areas or climbing up to 6500m where some previous experience use of ice axes, crampons and some climbing training are normally expected.


This is grade is considered an expeditions. In this activity you will climb a mountain above 6500m. All climbers require prior climbing experience, amount of energy, physical fitness, mental preparation and technical skill is mandatory to the ascent over 6500m peaks.