Why choose 8000expeditions

1) We specialize in the Himalayas

It’s our passion and our expertise and has been for over 15 years. We create the best adventures trips that you can enjoy every single moment of your trip: treks and climb off the beaten tracks, admiring and exploring the magnificent landscape in the mountain. Our guide expertise gives you a more enjoyable experience and fun memory during travel.

2) Tailor-made Service

As Nepal natives, we have great experience in the mountain & remotes area. We don’t work only on fixed departure dates. We customize any kinds of the trip as per your request with always mindful of your comfort and safety and showering you with native hospitality.

3) Small Group Size

You’ll typically travel with a group of 6-12, although we do not reject anyone who wants to climb in pairs or small groups and some cases, trek alone that’s why we do not deal with big-size group bookings. We believe that small group travel makes more things easy, better, safer and allows you to maximize your precious time off, instead of worrying about logistics.

4) Respect

We ensure that all stakeholders are well treated with respect and that our challenges are respectful of local communities, wildlife and the environments in which we operate.

5) The highest quality expeditions and treks at the best value

We believe that we provide the highest quality service to clients at a great value. Climbing and trekking as our passion and inspiration we guarantee to provide best logistics supports, service with a great team to exchange adventure experience between active travellers and local experts. We want you to feel comfortable and suitable to travel with us by our great service.

6) Responsible travel

Responsible travel is the main core of our business. We aim is to operate positively under the morals of responsible travel and tourism. working together with our clients, suppliers, government and local people – it is our responsibility to improve our performance, develop sustainable travel, generates financial benefits to local communities and private local industries without affecting nature and their resource.

7) Safety

At 8000expeditions, we consider the safety and welfare of our participants, staffs and support crew to be our highest priority. We developed every trip safely by supporting our great team and will do everything to make the safest and comfortable challenge.

8) Experienced & local expert Guide

At 8000 expeditions, all our climbers and trekkers guides have an intimate knowledge of every region and can share their first-hand knowledge and experience with you. We believe that we couldn’t do it without the support and dedication of our team who work incredibly hard to sucess. We are locals ourselves, wishing to share with all visitors the beauty of our homeland!

9) Honest and integrity

We are always honest, truthful and transparent in the way we work.

We sincerely hope to welcome you on one of our holidays soon and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or would just like to talk about the trip to Himalaya.